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23 Jan 2015
What and when was the

What kind of clothes do you love to wear during summer time?The temperature is rising, there is scorching heat outside and it?S summer time in india.

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The hippies were disenchanted generally with their conservative parents whose minds, fixated on the cold war, had led america into a murderous adventure in viet nam in which men were drafted and sent to their deaths for reasons god only knows, but still today are unexplained.

Thus, rejection of middle class values and home life itself were rampant.Long hair and pot smoking made it possible to brave the chilly sf weather and sleep in the park, especially the part of it shaped like the handle on a frying pan, known as the pan handle, adjacent the haight ashbury district.

On the other side of the panhandle janis joplin, singer of defiant songs, lived in a stately victorian house.

Thecry of Thehippies during TheSummer of love was"Make love, not war. "The"Summer of love" was actually in 1967, and, TheHaight Ashbury confluence was preceded by TheHuman Be In, on January 14, 1967, at ThePolo Field in Golden Gate Park, whose Panhandle bounded Thenorthern reaches of San Francisco Haight Ashbury District.

The human be in itself was preceded by the love pageant rally, which was held in the panhandle, on october 6, 1966, the day lsd was made illegal in california.

Now, the summer was not limited to san francisco, and the convergences of counter cultural values, including free love, anti establishment sentiments, and the wholesale rejection of american crash commercialism were to be found elsewhere, including greenwich village, the berkshires, cambridge, venice, portland, chicago, ann arbor, madison, and boulder.

But, it was in san francisco that the hippie movement found its ground zero, with the synergies of all things california, a powerful music wellspring, and, well, some good weed and blotter paper.The hordes of mostly college students began descending upon an overwhelmed haight ashbury neighborhood, during the 1967 spring break, attracted by the serendipity of it all, somewhat orchestrated by the diggers, and included free food, transportation, housing, and spontaneous concerts.

The monterey pop festival, a two hour caravan trip away to the south, and held on june 16 18, 1967, gave the movement its theme song, san francisco(Be sure to wear flowers in your hair), written by John Phillips, of the Mamas the Papas, and performed at the music jam by Scott McKenzie.

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Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

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You gonna meet some gentle people there.

It was also the debut of janis joplin, and otis redding made his first appearance in front of a predominately white audience.The who made its first major american appearance, as did jimi hendrix, and even ravi shankar.

In time, the haight ashbury district was beset with the problems associated with over 100, 000 teenagers, students, vacationing voyeurs, and even military personnel from nearby bases"Dropping in", such as shortages of food and housing and an increase in crime.

Community leaders eventually got the word out to stay away and"Bring the revolution to where you live. "

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