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26 Jan 2015
Water polo's azevedo plans on ralph lauren outlet online gold 'one way or another'

For tony azevedo looking ahead to the 2016 olympics in rio de janeiro isn't at all presumptuous.The american water polo captain was born in the brazilian city and would love to play in front of his relatives who live there.

The three time olympian is one of the top players in the world, and water polo is a sport in which longevity is celebrated.Manuel estiarte of spain holds the sport's record for most olympics, six from 1980 to 2000.

Video:Azevedo leans on his dadmore:Olympic hopeful seriesazevedo, 30, says he's treading water a little less than five hours a day on average.To build an endurance base, he'll swim 4, 000 to 5, 000 meters a ralph lauren outlet day.He's taking better care of his body and has taken up yoga.His wife, sara, is a yoga instructor.

This year azevedo played professionally in brazil.He's also played as a pro in montenegro, italy and serbia.

In london, the american men are chasing their first olympic gold medal in the sport in 108 years.They won silver at the 2008 olympics.

Deep down, if the gold never comes, i think it would be ok.I don't think about it that way because in my mind, i'm gonna ralph lauren borse win the gold one way or another.That's definitely something that kept me motivated.

If everyone is on the same page, you're moving more like a machine.You get to learn more about your teammates how someone reacts, how to talk to them, how to inspire them.I think that's a really important part.Ideally, especially in a team sport, it's which team is better not which 13 individuals are better.If that was the case, i think montenegro would win every year.

A swimmer, since it's one event they're working on technique, their stroke, their turns, their breathing.Every possible way to get faster.Our swimming is just to get us in shape.All of us have terrible technique.

Imagine basketball and they're playing a full press for the entire time, but you're doing it in the water.You're allowed to grab and hold, wrestle with the guy.It's very tough;After a game you're physically exhausted.Most guys on our team have problems even eating because you're so tired you just want to go to bed.

When we had the pan american games in rio, rio definitely was not in a great state.It wasn't a great time for them and there was a lot of crime.These last 2 months that i was living there, i was really impressed.I was there during the takeover of rocinha, which is the largest favela in brazil.Now one of the most dangerous favelas in the world was having night parties, music from the streets, great little restaurants.The two biggest problems now are hotels and traffic.

I feel young.I feel like i have so much more to learn and give to the sport.Rio's definitely one i want to play in.Water polo between age 28 and 32 are your peak years.I would love to go beyond be the first american to go to six olympics.

As an 18 year old you just show up.You jump in without stretching, warming up.You just play.You do everything as hard as you can and don't really think about getting injured.Now definitely what i eat, how i sleep, anything ralph lauren milano as far as weights and training in the water.

I've had three broken ear drums, and i've had to play through all of them.

I perfected my pasta making skills in italy.I love food.I love trying new things.The new american style, which is great.Small plates.I think the biggest thing for me is that i've been in europe for the last nine years.In europe you miss that variety that you have here in the united states so i'm taking full advantage of it.

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